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M-GV 4 Piccolo MARINE

Genverter series (var. rpm)


  • The most silent and compact generator in the market !
  • 1-cylinder Permanent Magnet generator with external PMG box (power module)
  • 4.0kVA (3.5kW) continuous 230V power from your programmable speed generator system
  • High efficiency and strong peak power
  • Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave
  • Saving fuel and ensuring smooth running of your genset
  • Genverter Power, the best choice for your energy supply
Article Number
49002005M-GV 4 Piccolo MARINE
49002006M-GV 4 Piccolo MARINE (ungrounded)
49012005M-GV 4 Piccolo MARINE (automatic rpm control)
System output continuous 4.4kVA / 4kW
Harmonic distortion < 3%
Parallel operation no
Type Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA)
RPM range 2800-3600 rpm
Efficiency 94%
Engine WP1
Number of cylinders 1
Capacity 309cc
Air consumption 0.42 m3/min
Engine cooling indirect watercooling
Fuel consumption 0.8 - 1.2 l/hr
Starting electrical - 12 Volt
Starter battery 12 V / 55 Ah (optional)
12 V Battery charger included
Length 461 mm
Width 450 mm
Height 520 mm
Dry weight 68 kg
Length PMG 420 mm
Width PMG 148 mm
Height PMG 196 mm
Weight PMG 7.2 kg
Wet exhaust Ø 40 mm
Dry Exhaust pipe Ø 1 inch BSP
Location oil refill cap top & side
Max. operating angle 25º in all directions


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