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WhisperPower has become an important player in this exciting market. We have proven our ability to supply turn-key hybrid solutions from small craft up to superyachts. Pre-engineering, engineering, manufacturing of complete systems, and commissioning - this is our passion and it is what we are good at. Based on our experience, we see power and propulsion systems becoming more and more integrated and we it makes sense to use diesel engines for not only power generation but also propulsion and manoeuvering. Within our range, we have products to suit two different application requirements.

Small Craft Electrical Systems

For yachts and vessels from 6 - 14 metres, we offer our 48VDC based systems, with a maximum power per electrical propulsion engine of appr. 12kW. We provide these systems as ‘electrical only’ or as a ‘diesel- electric hybrid’ configuration and includes our Genverter or fixed rpm generator,operating as a range extender. These systems can be composed from standard WhisperPower components.

'Big Boat' Systems

WhisperPower offers owners and designers a perfect made-to-measure solution for yachts or professional craft from 20 metres and up.

  • We design and engineer in close collaboration with owner’s representative, yacht architect and the boat builder.
  • We use partially already engineerd system parts.
  • We customize where necessary.

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