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Hans Webbink - Steeler Yachts

"Since 2014 we have been equipping our yachts with complete WhisperPower packages. On our smaller yachts a combi (charger / inverter) and a large battery bank is usually sufficient. With our larger yachts there is an increasing demand for comfort (and silent power). Our customers expect that all the comforts from home are also available on board. With these large yachts, the installation of induction hobs, air conditioning, fan assisted ovens and even Quookers are becoming not the exception but the rule. In addition to onboard comfort, our customers also expect the power supply to be just "like home". A large number of our boats are now equipped with the the WhisperPower ‘New School’ systems, which enable our customers to simply cook, watch television and use the air conditioning (in-part) without the generator running! Customers are very satisfied with the system, and even if there is a low shore power voltage, WhisperPower's “magic charger" still charges the battery bank and automatically switches the generator on when the batteries are running too low.”
Hans Webbink,
CEO Steeler Yachts

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