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Wies Hokwerda, De Boarnstream

"At the request of a Swiss customer, last year we installed the so-called WhisperPower 'New School’ system on our 14m Elegance. The concept impressed us so much that we put the system on the option list and have already sold and installed a number of systems. On our Elegance 1300 a system has been installed with a large battery bank connected to solar panels and an additional alternator fitted on the main engine which together ensure that the battery bank is always full. A 7kW inverter supplies all 230V consumers on board. The installed generator is only called in to action when the boat is anchored for a longer period of time. And for charging whilst in port, low shore power voltage is not a problem. The DC PowerCube (charger) can operate between 90 and 270 volts! We are convinced that this system will appeal to a lot more potential Boarnstream customers! “

We’ve been building since 1964, renowned motor yachts for Dutch and international customers. With experience in the profession I have gained in recent decades, I like to work with companies that provide good gear for a good price with good service. WhisperPower is one such company, of that you can be assured.” Wies Hokwerda, Director De Boarnstream, Friesland.


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