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Sipko van der Sluis - North-Line Yachts

Make your dreams come true. Sipko van Sluis has made two happen. He spent some 25 years dreaming of a journey on his own boat right up to the North. He has also achieved his dream of growing the family business into a shipyard with its own brand of vessel, that which is now known as the North-Line series. These pilot ships are able to sail out even in bad weather conditions. It is therefore hardly surprising that Sipko made his dream trip to Greenland with a North-Line. He set to the seas in June 2016 from Harlingen on board the “Dauntless”, a North-Line 42 Wheelhouse. It’s fair to say that Sipko knows and has experienced first hand just what is needed on board. Below he talks about why North-Line chooses WhisperPower products.

"On our latest model, our flagship Northline 50, in order to achieve comfort and silent time, we have opted for a WhisperPower Hybrid system. The 8 Lithium Ion batteries are charged by the extra alternators whilst the boat is sailing. This means that when anchored, the 640Ah "power tank" is full and therefore we can just carry on doing what we want and need to without the generator running. The 14kW inverter effortlessly supplies the 230V consumers, including a Quooker hot water system. If there are long periods of high power consumption, we have set the generator to start automatically. Further still, the client can clearly monitor the exact power consumption on the 10” screen which can also be used to set the shore power voltage - a top system which the customer is also more than happy with!” Sipko van der Sluis, Owner Yachtbouw Zevenhuizen / North-Line Yachts.


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