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Mr van Rijn - owner MY Pacific Pearl

In 2013 Mr van Rhijn had a 21 metre motor yacht built at Pacific Shipyards, a well-known shipyard that delivered many beautiful boats but has now unfortunately stopped. "I was the first user of the WhisperPower ‘New School’ system. It was really a pilot project. The idea that without needing to start the generator you could still be able to cook and run the air conditioning at night in the sleeping area only using the batteries really appealed to me and it seems to be working really well! On my boat there are 2 WhisperPower alternators fitted on the main engine and these run when we are cruising making sure that the big battery bank is full for when we are at anchor. I can almost always get through the night on “silent power”. If I have used a lot of silent power during an evening, before I go to bed I start the WhisperPower Generator (which is also extremely quiet) for an hour and the 2 x 150A battery chargers make sure the battery bank is full again. In the case of our boat, a 7kW 230V inverter is sufficient to supply the 230V consumers. A great system and I can recommend it to anyone. It turns out that in practice, we run the generator very little.” Mr. van Rhijn, owner MY Pacific Pearl.


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