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Ina & DirkJan Brinks

“We have had decades of experience on our motor yachts with various different onboard energy solutions from a number of well-known brands: Combi systems with AGM battery packs, always in combination with a generator. As we have, in the past, always cooked electrically on board of all of our vessels and as we have many 230V devices on board, having to start up the generator has always been a necessity, because the shore power, for example, was not sufficient enough or there was no shore power available at all meaning the AGM battery pack would very quickly discharge towards 50%. With our newbuild project at Superlauwersmeer in 2015, we looked for the newest, most innovative system available on the market and then for one that was without a generator.
We opted for the AC PowerCube Inverter 24/7000 with a DC PowerCube 24/150 charger and energy storage for the service power in 12 x 2V / 1000 amp gel battery cells as well as an extra 24/110 Amp alternator on the main engine to maintain the power level of the gel cells. To keep the second group of AGM batteries for bow, stern and start up at sufficient levels, there is a 24V/55 Amp alternator on the engine and a separate 24V / 30 Amp Supreme shore power charger. The resulting experience is fantastic. We can now go for several days without shore power and (with deliberation) still use the electrical appliances such the induction hob, combi microwave-oven, coffee machine, kettle and whilst the refrigerator / freezer continues to run just fine. The advantage of the gel cells are that they can discharge up to 5%, and that is almost double the capacity of the traditional AGM batteries. A further resulting advantage of the gel cells is that their combined heavy weight, now lying at the base of the vessel, makes for more stability. (+/- 850 kg). Whilst sailing we can use the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher without issue. The AC inverter with its continuous 7000 watts is a powerhouse!

Whilst being out and about both a lot and for long periods of time with our boat throughout the sailing season we have enjoyed all the luxury on board that we are used to at home. We can even operate the complete energy system via an informative and easy to use 10” touch screen." Ina & DirkJan Brinks, owners of MY Sunny Life.


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