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Piet van der Steen - Owner Elling E4

“The WhisperPower System that we have on board is brilliant! Previously, if we wanted to run the washing machine whilst sailing then the generator had to go on. Now that is a thing of the past and no longer necessary. The alternator on the main engine provides sufficient energy for the washing machine whilst we are on the move plus also takes care of fully charging the batteries. Before, if we wanted to cook electrically, the generator usually had to go on. The shore power was often not sufficient enough. Now however with very little (if any) shore power we can simply do everything. Even if you only have 4 amp shore power, you can turn everything on and your batteries are also still charged. Making coffee, turning the oven on, it’s all possible. You simply don’t need to take anything else in to account. As a result, we haven’t actually used the generator. Well we have, but only for testing. I think an Elling without a generator could also be just fine. But is good to have a back-up system. The only shame is that you are still faced with the stench of diesel from other generators when you are quayside in amongst other boats. This system is definitely one to recommend!” Piet van der Steen, owner new Elling E4.


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