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Hans Stacey - rally driver

"For the DAKAR Rally, I opt for the best material - with me, quality comes first. That is why I chose WhisperPower as the power supply for my 18 meter motor yacht. Perfect products with super service!" Hans Stacey, famous Dutch rally driver. 

Torsten Schmidt - Sirius Werft GmbH

"We are very impressed by WhisperPower’s product range, plus the service is faultless. We deliver our deck-saloon sail yachts to customers around the world fully satisfied that we are guaranteed accurate technical support." Torsten Schmidt Sirius-Werft GmbH, Plön, Germany

Paul Eytjes - Eleggtricks

“At long last there is a high power capacity inverter system available that is able to provide a complete 230 V or 120 V onboard installation with power. An important innovation in this product is that you do not experience instability in the DC system which would usually cause visible fluctuations in the power line. An important additional advantage is that if the system has been well calculated, there is no need for it to be (re)connected to other AC sources. The WhisperPower System is the ultimate solution for both smaller and larger vessels. For owners who want to cleverly handle their onboard power and for those it just want it work, hassle-free.” Paul Eytjes, Owner / Director Eleggtricks, Engineering and Contracting, the Netherlands.

Wies Hokwerda, De Boarnstream

"At the request of a Swiss customer, last year we installed the so-called WhisperPower 'New School’ system on our 14m Elegance. The concept impressed us so much that we put the system on the option list and have already sold and installed a number of systems. On our Elegance 1300 a system has been installed with a large battery bank connected to solar panels and an additional alternator fitted on the main engine which together ensure that the battery bank is always full. A 7kW inverter supplies all 230V consumers on board. The installed generator is only called in to action when the boat is anchored for a longer period of time. And for charging whilst in port, low shore power voltage is not a problem.” Wies Hokwerda, Director De Boarnstream, Friesland.

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Sipko van der Sluis - North-Line Yachts

"On our latest model, our flagship Northline 50, in order to achieve comfort and silent time, we have opted for a WhisperPower Hybrid system. The 8 Lithium Ion batteries are charged by the extra alternators whilst the boat is sailing. This means that when anchored, the 640Ah "power tank" is full and therefore we can just carry on doing what we want and need to without the generator running. The 14kW inverter effortlessly supplies the 230V consumers, including a Quooker hot water system. If there are long periods of high power consumption, we have set the generator to start automatically. Further still, the client can clearly monitor the exact power consumption on the 10” screen which can also be used to set the shore power voltage - a top system which the customer is also more than happy with!” Sipko van der Sluis, Owner Yachtbouw Zevenhuizen / North-Line Yachts.

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Mr van Rijn - owner MY Pacific Pearl

"I was the first user of the WhisperPower ‘New School’ system. It was really a pilot project. The idea that without needing to start the generator you could still be able to cook and run the air conditioning at night in the sleeping area only using the batteries really appealed to me and it seems to be working really well! On my boat there are 2 WhisperPower alternators fitted on the main engine and these run when we are cruising making sure that the big battery bank is full for when we are at anchor. I can almost always get through the night on “silent power”. If I have used a lot of silent power during an evening, before I go to bed I start the WhisperPower Generator (which is also extremely quiet) for an hour and the 2 x 150A battery chargers make sure the battery bank is full again. In the case of our boat, a 7kW 230V inverter is sufficient to supply the 230V consumers. A great system and I can recommend it to anyone. It turns out that in practice, we run the generator very little.” Mr van Rhijn, owner MY Pacific Pearl.

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Bart van den Hoven - Van den Hoven Jachtbouw

“It was in 2016 when we came across the phenomenon ‘New Style o Yachting’. A customer with a Van Den Hoven 21m motor yacht had initially chosen a traditional system. When the power demand was high, the combi’s were not proving to be the ideal mix. The generator was having to run almost all of the time when there was a demand for large power supply because the 2 x 3.5 kW inverters were having difficulty with prolonged periods of high use. The system has since been modified, the Combi's have been replaced with 2x 150A DC PowerCube chargers which are powered either by shore power or Generator and a 14kW inverter that feeds the consumers directly from the batteries. Whilst cruising, the 1650Ah battery bank is fully charged up so that on arrival in port we have sufficint supply for a long period of silent power. A top system! The choice for our latest model, the Hoven Executive 1850, was therefore not at all difficult - a WhisperPower New School system!” Bart van den Hoven,Director-Owner of B van den Hoven Jachtbouw.

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Ina & DirkJan Brinks

“We have had decades of experience on our motor yachts with various different onboard energy solutions from a number of well-known brands: Combi systems with AGM battery packs, always in combination with a generator. As we have, in the past, always cooked electrically on board of all of our vessels and as we have many 230V devices on board, having to start up the generator has always been a necessity, because the shore power, for example, was not sufficient enough or there was no shore power available at all meaning the AGM battery pack would very quickly discharge towards 50%. With our newbuild project at Superlauwersmeer in 2015, we looked for the newest, most innovative system available on the market and then for one that was without a generator. "

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Piet van der Steen - Owner Elling E4

“The WhisperPower System that we have on board is brilliant! Previously, if we wanted to run the washing machine whilst sailing then the generator had to go on. Now that is a thing of the past and no longer necessary. The alternator on the main engine provides sufficient energy for the washing machine whilst we are on the move plus also takes care of fully charging the batteries. Before, if we wanted to cook electrically, the generator usually had to go on. The shore power was often not sufficient enough. Now however with very little (if any) shore power we can simply do everything. Even if you only have 4 amp shore power, you can turn everything on and your batteries are also still charged. Making coffee, turning the oven on, it’s all possible. You simply don’t need to take anything else in to account. As a result, we haven’t actually used the generator. 

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Nils Schürg - Blue Yachting

"With the good advice, the fast delivery and the very simple installation, Whisper Power convinced us with the Piccolo. This little quiet Genverter fits the needs of our customers perfectly." Nils Schürg, Blue Yachting.


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