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WhisperPower supplied Genverter system for Pacific Shipyards

WhisperPower recently supplied a complete 3-cylinder Genverter system to Pacific Shipyard in Waspik (NL) for the Pacific Pearl 205 Flybridge. The DC-AC system brings maximum comfort on board, thanks to a total inverter power of 10.5kW (with a peak power of 28.5kW) out of the battery bank. 

The 3-cylinder generator is directly connected to 2 pieces high efficient DC PowerCube battery chargers with a total charge current of 300A at 24VDC, to ensure that the battery bank will always be recharged sufficiently. The John Deere main propulsion engine is equipped with an 24V-150A DC alternator including ACR charge regulator to charge the battery bank when sailing. 

The Pacific S Pearl is a round-bilge with a fanned bow, ideal for France waters thanks to is compact build. The space in this boat is used optimal and by moving the engine room to the back of the boat, there is little noise while sailing. Even the luxury of a garage for a lifeboat is made in the design. The Pearl is a sublime vessel which can provides lots of sailing pleasure. More info about the shipyard:


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