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Hybrid Power for Event Trucks

WhisperPower has developed, in close cooperation with EventRent, based in Loenen the Netherlands, a power system of 30 kWatt to operate various appliances in a high-tech  demonstration vehicle.

The system is based on the compact WhisperPower  SQ 27 1500 rpm, 27 kVA generator, providing three phase power to the vehicle’s equipment such as airconditioning, computers and LED lights.

A WhisperPower 10 kW three phase inverter/ charger system, connected to a 1000 Ah/ 24 V DC WhisperPower GEL battery (2 Volt cells)  is capable to operate the basic load during extended periods of the day. During peak hours the WhisperPower SQ 27 generator will start working automatically to provide the missing power. Batteries are re-charged by the WPC inverter/ charger.

Eventrent is one of the leading Ducth companies, operating on an European base, specializing in the construction and lease of sales promotion and brandshops, hospitlaity, roadshow trailers and mobile info stands.

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