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Russian River Register for WhisperPower

WhisperPower again confirmed the ability to produce diesel generators, power electronics according to the most strict rules of the Russian River Register (RRR). After extensive tests of various parameters of the equipment, the audit control system of the production line and the assembly of generators, testing qualification of the company's staff, design documents, instruments and so on, the new certificate have been issued by the RRR-institute.

WhisperPower manufactures - in accordance with the rules of the Russian River Register - electric motors, generators, diesel generator sets, transformers, battery chargers, converters, all according to an agreed documentation. Many designers bureaus, shipyards and private customers in Russia use only the equipment which are provided with this certificate for the benefit of its security for the passengers, the reliability and uptime of the system.

When properly installed, you will expierence the very low noise level of our generators. The quality of the sine-wave output of our generators and inverters will not make you worry about modern electronics which has to be installed in the ship nowadays. The systems can be extended with our batteries and advanced battery chargers.

Thanks to this the industry leading global electronics engineers and developers are choosing for WhisperPower.

"With more than 20 years experience, the customer will be able to focus themselves on their work or leisure, and we will supply the reliable electricity, wherever you are.”

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