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New distributors in New Zealand and South Korea

We are happy to reveal that we have added two new distributors to our fast expanding distribution network. DongKang M-Tech Co., Ltd., based in Seoul, has been selected as our new marine distribution partner in South Korea whilst OVLOV Marine, based in Auckland, has been appointed as our partner in New Zealand.

South Korea
DongKang M-Tech, established in 1994, has offices located in Seoul and Busan, a manufacturing site in Gusan and a sophisticated R&D facility in Daejeon. The company generates an annual sales revenue of 25 MIO USD and consists of a team of 20 staff. Since its incorporation over 20 years ago, DongKang M-Tech has successfully brought several leading products to the South Korean marine market including the Hamilton waterjet. As a result, they have made and continue to do so, a significant contribution to the innovation and development of the marine industry in South Korea. The WhisperPower products fit very well within DongKang’s current product portfolio and given the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the people at DongKang M-Tech, We have every confidence that they will also make a success of bringing WhisperPower into the marketplace. The main maritime market in South Korea is commercial shipping. Whilst the yachting market in Korea is beginning to develop, the popularity of yachts is still limited due to high taxes.

New Zealand
Our distribution and service network in the Pacific Rim has been further reinforced following the appointment of OVLOV Marine in Auckland as our new distribution partner for the marine market. With a staff of 20 employees and a fleet of 10 service vehicles, OVLOV Marine supports the Volvo and Yamaha outboard engine brands in the greater Auckland area (covering over 1.5 million citizens), as well as being active in Oceania. OVLOV Marine is a company that continues to build on the great reputation they have already established in the industry. They have a passion for boating and carry out quality work. We could not have wished for a better distribution partner. Thanks to OVLOV Marine’s well-trained service engineers, we have absolutely no need to worry about the service or correct installation of WhisperPower systems taking place on the other side of the world.



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