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WhisperPower Power & Olympic Games in Sochi


The International Olympic Committee selected Sochi as the host of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 and the organizers are certain that the 2014 Winter Olympics will be unforgettable experience for sports fans.

Currently there are huge investments in accommodation, infrastructure and security, which include a variety of special mobile vehicles such as coaches for the Olympic Games Transport Directorate.

Mobile Dispatch Center (MDC) on the basis of Logistic Transport Center was developed by MTG-Auto LLC for the Olympic Games Transport Directorate.

During the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi MDC will operate in areas of peak traffic loads. MDC will transfer on-line all the gathered information to the Logistic Transport Center. During the Games MDCs dispatch centers will monitor the roads’ condition, analyze passenger flow and capacities of motor transport as well as of cableways. Their operation will enable to fix, to eliminate operatively the deficit of capacity by reserve transport, managed by MDC specialists.

Mobile dispatch center is a bus, equipped with the means of radio communication, video recording, video control and electronic communications. Portable power station provides autonomous power supply to MDC’s equipment. The vehicle is fitted with the complete “Royal” power system consisting of a SQ 12, 12 kW generator, a 7 kW inverter/ UPS system for computers and TV screens and various Gel batteries. All systems are supplied and supported by WhisperPower Russia. Air-conditioning system and audio-video system are also installed in the bus. The satellite antenna is mounted on the top of the bus.

Internally the bus consists of three sections: fully equipped kitchenette, conference room for 12 people, section for dispatchers fitted with 4 workstations and toilet.

Mobile dispatch center will be a great help in providing high-quality transport service in the Olympic Games. At present there are no analogues of such mobile dispatch centers in Russia.

See minues 26-28 for the Mobile Dispatch centre.




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