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Numerous new products at the Hiswa In-Water Show

During the upcoming Hiswa In-Water show we are set to introduce three new touchscreen control panels for our various energy systems. This new WhisperTouch system panel, available in 5, 7 and 10 inches, provides the boat owner with a quick and easy insight in to the energy management. It features information on the battery capacity, the shore power connection, the WhisperPower generator, if installed, as well as the inverter and the battery charger. The intuitive and easy to read system panel also allows central control of all energy devices. This includes the adjustment of the battery charger settings for the appropriate shore power connection (Power Support). Furthermore, WhisperTouch panels can also be connected to other onboard equipment including the fuel gauge and the navigation system.

In addition, the WhisperPower AC PowerCube, a high power sine wave inverter which is supplied as the "silent generator" with our energy systems, will also be on display. The AC PowerCube is an industrial inverter capable of providing the entire 230 V onboard network with silent power without a running generator. The 14 kVA version comes to market as the successor to the AC PowerCube 7 kVA. With a peak capacity of 28 kVA, this inverter is this the most powerful available on the market. Air conditioning, cooking, baking and water making can now all run directly from the inverter resulting in reduced fuel consumption, less noise disruption and fewer operating hours of the diesel generator. 

These and other WhisperPower products can be found in our new and extensive WhisperPower catalogue, available at stand our stand K345 at the Hiswa In-Water boat show.



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