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First small size hybrid motoryacht in Taiwan

WhisperPower’ s business is global, even custom built one-off projects can be handled succesfully. The company is cooperating for example with re-nowned companies like Steyr Motors, Austria, and their distributors. In cooperation with Steyr Motors Pacific, a new hybrid propulsion concept was supplied to one of the main pleasure boat builders in Taiwan, Blue Water Yachts.

Set to be one of the first production boat builders to take up serial production of the Steyr Motors Hybrid Drive system, Mr Jack Chen, President of Blue Water Yachts, was proud to announce the launch of the new U’Green 42, a 14 metres twin prop motor yacht, with a highly efficient displacement monohull, developed to become a leader in efficient green boating for the future. The vessel is installed with twin STEYR MOTORS SE236E40 engines and 7 KW hybrid drive units for zero emission boating whilst under electric propulsion. To support the hybrid package, WhisperPower was engaged to design and propose a complete turn key power management system. Whisper- Power’s lithium ion batteries were employed to provide 200 Amp hours at 48 Volts for an electric run time of up to four hours. Supporting the power management system are 2x Whisper Power Centres, WPC 4000W-48VDC-50 Amp which manages Shore Power, AC Generator Power, DC power and power produced by the Steyr Motors Hybrid generator. Backing up the complete system for when the vessel is at idle is a Whisper M-SC 11 diesel generator.



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