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EVM team with Hans Stacey fourth in Paris-Dakar Rally

"You can not always win," Hans Stacey said at the podium in Rosario, with the prize for the fourth place in his hands. Hans Stacey is a famous name in the rally world. In 2004 he drove his first Paris - Dakar rally in a DAF truck. He went on to drive this rally 3 times with his own MAN truck team and later with the MAN factory team up until it was relocated from Africa to Latin America. In 2006 he finished 2nd in the Dakar rally. In 2007 he was the last Truck class winner the original Dakar in Africa. In 2008 he and the MAN team were the winner of the Central Europe Rally and the Trans Orientale rally from St.Petersburg to Peking. From 2012 to 2015 Hans Stacey was part of the Petronas Iveco De Rooy team and in 2012 came second behind his nephew Gerard de Rooy.This year he drove for the new EVM team.

In addition to being a successful sportsman, Hans has also earned his stripes in the business world. “Exactly 30 years ago I started Stacey Olie with 10,000 Guilders from my childhood “Zilvervloot” savings account. Years earlier, I had a petrol station but just couldn’t compete during the oil crisis with the big groups such as Macro throwing their large discounts against me. With a lot of hard work, Stacey Olie BV has become a great business and is in fact where WhisperPower gets their oil and coolant from. In 2013, I sold the business. I am now active as investor in other sectors and one of the companies I am involved in is Starin BV. This new company, based in Eindhoven, specializes in injecting and sealing leaks in wells and man-accessible and man inaccessible sewer lines. Through a new innovative injection method, multiple leaking pipe connections or longitudinal cracks in sewer pipes can be filled-in in a day. This is achieved with a hightech truck which is equipped with all of the tools required on-location. This includes a smart robot system which is used to inspect pipelines and repair where necessary. This all takes place without the need to dig up a road resulting in huge savings.” Says Hans.

“I asked the technology supplier from Germany to install a WhisperPower hybrid power system so that where needed, for example in urban areas, could do my work without running engines or generators. That objective has been achieved. The system runs perfectly and can operate for eight hours without the engine running. We have since further expanded the fleet with a Mercedes Sprinter used for the preliminary examination of the sewage channels so that we can work as efficiently as possible.” Says Hans Stacey..

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