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Power Electronics Manufacturing Agreement signed

With pleasure we can announce the signing of a power electronics manufacturing agreement with PBF B.V. the Dutch subsidiary of SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets. 

We will have the full range of our popular AC PowerCube high power inverter series produced at SFC Energy’s manufacturing site in Cluj, Romania, which already produces other high quality power electronics of PBF. 

We selected SFC Energy’s Romanian manufacturing site due to PBF’s excellent design capabilities and track record in the production of high quality power products.  The production of our high-tech, high-quality products requires state-of-the-art electronics know-how and manufacturing expertise. Thanks to the fast, professional production team at Cluj, we can bring our popular products to the customer in excellent quality and turnaround time.

“The combination of excellent development capabilities, high quality, low cost production, and short distances enabled SFC Energy to win this business”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG. “Together with WhisperPower we will be looking at additional revenue and cost synergies for our two companies in the alternative power markets and on the development side.”   

Additional information on SFC Energy, PBF, and SFC Group’s portfolio of power electronics and power generation products at and



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