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Introduction of next generation power systems

With the 'New School' energy systems in kit-form, WhisperPower has launched a 'plug and play' solution for onboard electrical power needs for sailing yachts, power boats and small commercial craft. The 'New School' systems, developed in-house by WhisperPower, make staying on board as comfortable as possible without disturbing the environment with running engines and generators. After all, with the ‘New School’ systems, a running diesel engine is not in fact required to power 230 Volt heavy loads. 

Unlimited 230 V usage without generator
Electric cooking, washing and drying is all now possible without starting up the generator as the powerful 7 or 14 kVA inverters provide sufficient silent energy from the battery (choice of Lithium or lead-acid battery). When the battery capacity drops below a certain value, a small compact WhisperPower Genverter diesel generator replenishes the power. Installing a large generator on board is now no longer necessary. 

Even with limited or no shore power everything can be turned on without restrictions. A big advantage is the fact the onboard system can still be connected to the land terminal even with limited or low shore power or varying frequency (eg 60Hz). As part of this system, WhisperPower supplies a special DC Belt Power alternator system, to be mounted on the propulsion engine, which maintains the battery level whilst sailing to make the system more efficient. In addition, solar panels, which also are available from WhisperPower, can be connected to the system as well. 

Modular Approach 
The system is available in two entry levels: There is the 7 kVA version with a 2-cylinder Genverter compact generator, a DC PowerCube charge module, a 7 kVA AC PowerCube inverter and a stylish touch screen control panel. The second version has a power capacity of 14 kVA and consists of a 14 kVA AC PowerCube inverter, a 3-cylinder Genverter WhisperPower generator, two DC PowerCube charge stations providing 8.6 kW power whilst the Genverter is running and a touch screen control panel. The largest system contains 3 DC PowerCubes providing 12 kW of electrical power.   

Customers around the world 
Within a short space of time, WhisperPower has become a leading company with an impressive list of customers. Leading Dutch yacht builders including Baltic Yachts, Hallberg Rassy, Hanse Yachts, Hodgdon Yachts, Oyster Yachts, Wajer & Wajer and Neptune Marine Shipbuilding (Elling), are all recipients of the “New School” systems. 

“The WhisperPower ‘New School’ system certainly seems to be the Egg of Columbus. On the E6, our new 65 ft model, it is running perfectly: Seakeeper on and air conditioning on, generator off, no problem. I've been out on the sea with westerly winds of force 6: with a cruising speed of 15 knots, no problem at all, in fact you could even describe it as extremely comfortable. Furthermore, with this sort of wind and the waves, plus a top speed of 22 knots out on the North Sea was still without problems. The WhisperPower system continued to function perfectly under all of these circumstances.” Anton van den Bos, Director of Neptune Marine Shipbuilding, Aalst, July 2016



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