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New Hybrid Power System for the Royal Family

We are proud we have been selected to supply a new power system for the GROENE DRAECK, the Royal Yacht, built for inland navigation. This traditional sailing yacht, model Lemsteraak,  is property of  Beatrix of Orange, Queen of the Netherlands.

The yacht was built in 1957 by G. de Vries Lentsch, and given as a gift by the Dutch people to Princess Beatrix at the age of 18. The sailing yacht is still in use during events, like Sail Amsterdam 2010 and other events. Lenght is 15 mtrs, width 4.70 mtrs.

WhisperPower has supplied a Genverter 7i system, powering a limited number of appliances like a water cooker,  a coffee machine and various DC appliances including the battery. The built- in Genverter WPC  Inverter/Charger is the centre of the system, the Genverter diesel part is used as a back up for the whole system.

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