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3-year contract signed with North-Line

North-Line Yachts, a fast growing shipyard for seaworthy yachts, formerly known as Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen, is the next yard to join those also convinced that WhisperPower's 'New Style of Yachting’, with their hybrid power systems, is the future.

During METS WhisperPower agreed upon a 3-year contract with North-Line Yachts for the supply of all electrical systems and components for the North-Line and Kuster ranges. The North-Line range consists of 8 models ranging from 8 to18 metres. The first North-Line 50, which is currently under construction, will be equipped with an electric system based on Lithium-Ion batteries, a large 14 kVA AC PowerCube inverter, a fast charging DC PowerCube system and a three-cylinder Genverter M-GV/3 variable speed generator.

In addition to the North-Line 50 the shipyard has started the build process for a Kuster 38. The Kuster 38 is a new design and is the latest model to join Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen. It will be the first Kuster to be built since Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen took over the work of the original yard, Consonant. The Kuster will be equipped with a WhisperPower system consisting of a 4 kVA AC PowerCube Inverter, the small and incredibly powerful variable speed generator MG-4 Piccolo, a fast charging DC PowerCube system and AGM batteries.

The basic principle of both systems is the combination of a large battery bank, a strong inverter, a relatively small variable speed generator and a powerful charging system. The big advantage of this system is that the various heavy onboard 230V devices, such as the air-conditioning, the stove and the washing machine, can be run for a very long period of time without needing to turn on a generator or engine. With this system the roles of the various system components are in fact switched around. It is no longer the generator but the high capacity inverter that supplies the 230V consumers with power from battery. The generator only needs to run if the batteries need to be charged meaning the generator can be used more efficiently and can be reduced in size.

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