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Road Show with EventRent

EventRent, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is a specialist in road shows. Since 1992 EventRent has been involved in concept development, construction (support), tour planning, transport, maintenance and management of road shows. Their projects vary from renting a standard unit for the day to managing international, custom productions over a period of years. EventRent has both national and international clients. WhisperPower is a proud supplier of Power Systems to EventRent. The company’s famous Expo Boxes (shown at picture) built by Verbugt Speciaalbouw in the Netherlands, are in general fitted with WhisperPower generator and inverter/ battery systems. A popular model is WhisperPower’s SQ 12 12kW three phase generator unit, powering floorheating, flood lights and airconditioning in case no utility grid conncetion is available.

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