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Power and Air - successful combination

Following the first days of Cannes Yachting Festival we can already confidently draw the following conclusion: The combination of Power and Air, WhisperPower and Webasto, together on one stand, is proving to be a success. A good air conditioning system needs a good power system. Many of the boats on display in the harbour, including models from Axopar Boats, XO Boats, Contest Yachts, HanseYachts AG, Swiss Cat Yachts, Steeler Yachts, Wajer Yachts and Sasga Yachts Menorquin, are equipped with WhisperPower components, systems and gensets. It is yet further confirmation, following that which was recently experienced at the Hiswa-in-Water Boat Show, that the New School concept has made its mark and affirmed its position in the market. More and more yachts are being equipped with a system based on the New School principle. One such example is Steeler Yacht' s “Mighty Mo” equipped with a Genverter GV/ 3, 2 x DC PowerCube and 1 x AC PowerCube 7 kVA with integrated Touch Screen panel. Furthermore, the demand for the New School approach is also high on the stand itself where the Piccolo is attracting a great deal of attention. The Cannes Yacht Show is popular with Italian visitors and we are therefore delighted that our Italian distributor Bcool engineering S.R.L. is also taking part in the show. In addition, there is a large number of sailing catamarans at the show this year. Sailors of monohulls are increasingly moving over to a catamaran for the onboard comfort they offer and the good sailing characteristics that are known to exceed expectations. This market sector is booming and is also a growing market for WhisperPower. An example of which is the French catamaran builder Swisscat who is installing a system with a Piccolo and a WP Combi. Roel ter Heide, CEO of WhisperPower says: “I am proud to see so many boats equipped with WhisperPower products and systems. We really have achieved a breakthrough in the world of international yachting. Both our traditional systems (1500/ 1800 rpm generators sets) as well as our Hybrid Power Systems, with high power inverters for extended zero-emission periods, are growing in popularity. We are seeing a similar trend for yachts of all sizes and that is most definitely in relation to more zero emission time: 8 hours during the night and 6 hours during the day (anchorage time). We have a prefect product portfolio to cover this demand."

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