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Baudoin the ultimate wash solution - powered by WhisperPower

In their modern facility in Waalwijk they produce complete mobile cleaning vehicles for the European market. In order to make the vehicles self supporting, power systems of WhisperPower are installed, such as the new compact Genverter diesel generators (radiator cooled), lithium ION batteries and high power inverters to enable silent power.

Specification of the vehicle:
Baudoin Wash-Systems Multifunctional Special Pure Water Cleaning Van with a BAFC500 pure water filter unit inside, a Baudoin Eco Line Aqua Heating System 100% soot-free zero pollution.
The wash system has low and high pressure pumps, low noise Whisper Power W-GV 10 Genverter with a PMG Converter Unit 8Kw/230V 50 Hz.
The van also contains a battery bank 2x lithium Ion 160Ah (24VDC), 4 kW inverter and 50 Amp battery charger. This multifunctional Van is fully equipped for cleaning buildings, with ergonomic 100% Carbon extension poles and special cleaning brush and sponge, Solar Panel Arrays and flat glass surfaces and furthermore planes, cars, yachts and various industrial objects.

At picture the Baudoin Wash Vehicle as recently delivered to a client from Norway, the first out of a row of 3 vehicles.

For more pictures go to our WhisperPower Facebook page. 



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