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Green Power for Medical Trucks and Trailers

WhisperPower is a renowned vendor of power systems for events trucks, TV broadcasting vehicles, vehicles used in the world of peace-keeping and medical treatment. All have one thing in common,the customer is always in a need of silent and clean electricity of the highest quality standard with the most perfect sine wave and the lowest distortion. That’s what WhisperPower is taking care of.

All these customers, using our durable systems, experience day by day the ‘smart’ way of electrical power supply. Unlimited single or three phase 230/ 380 VA power provision, independent of any utility connection, without the need to continuously run a diesel generator or plug into an unreliable utility connection. Sensitive medical equipment such as MRI scanners, air conditioning, heating, LED lights, compressors, kitchen and cleaning appliances plus many other electrical consumers can be operated simultaneously without the noise of an engine or the annoying exhaust gases of a generator. The power supply comes entirely from the battery bank and WhisperPower’s high-performance Super Inverters, with back-up on-hand in the form of an extremely quiet WhisperPower Genverter that starts up automatically as soon as the batteries need to be recharged. Over the past 2 years many medical trailers used by NHS England and Scotland were fitted with a hybrid power system to operate the entire medical set-up. With “on top of it” maximum green power delivered by the WhisperSolar modules located on the roof.

Similar systems were ordered by the German Blood bank, (Blutspende dienst) for their vehicles, as a green and clean alternative to the diesel generators they used before.

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