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Baltic 85 equipped with complete WhisperPower System

At the end of 2018, the Baltic 85 Custom Sloop left the yard in Jakobstad for the Solent, equipped with an extensive high-tech WhisperPower system. 

The mini-superyacht, designed by Dixon Yacht Design, was developed as an easy-to-sail, short-handed performance cruising sloop. One of the technical design requirements was for the boat to be able to operate for long periods of time in silent mode or without the use of generators/engines. WhisperPower was approached in the early stages of the project to design the electrical system together with the yards, the project managers and the navel architect. 

The result is an extensive WhisperPower system using a battery bank made up of 30 Ion Power Plus 12V - 160 Ah Lithium-Ion-batteries with a total capacity of no less than 2400 Ah. In the absence of shore power, a 14 kVA AC-PowerCube 24V inverter provides the 230 V consumers, such as the air conditioning, water maker and kitchen appliances. With power from the battery during periods of silent power whilst the 24 V consumers, such as the lighting, pumps and stern thruster are fed directly from the battery bank. The three different power sources, namely the shore power, a 32 kVA M-SQ 1500 rpm 3-phase WhisperPower generator with PTO and a customer-specific propeller shaft generator fitted to the Volvo main engine, charge the batteries via three DC-PowerCube 24 V - 150 A battery chargers and four WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V - 80 A batter cahrgers respectively. In addition, a WP-DC Belt Power 24 V / 75 A alternator with regulator is mounted on the main engine to charge a 24 V AGM battery bank for the navigation and communication equipment. 

Download the single line diagram of the system here



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