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Range of sustainable energy solutions expanded

In light of the ever increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions for boats, campers and caravans, we continue to expand the range of products available with the addition of new solar panels and charge regulators.

The first product to be added to this collection is the WhisperSolar 185 Wp All-Black solar panel. A solar panel can, in many cases, be the ideal solution for keeping battery levels up when, over a longer period of time, either shore / grid power or a generator is not available to charge them. A panel such as the WhisperSolar 185 Wp delivers on average between 700 and 900 Wh per day, when for example in Northern Europe from April to October, depending on the temperature, hours of sun and orientation of the panel. This is sufficient to maintain the level of the batteries of a boat, caravan or camper with a small refrigerator, lighting, water pump, telephone / tablet / laptop, radio and TV. The closer to the equator you go, the more hours of sunshine there are and so higher the yield will then be.

Produced in Europe, the WhisperPower Solar 185 Wp is a black solar panel made of high-quality monocrystalline solar cells with a high light sensitivity meaning they also generate energy even in low light. The panel sits in a black anodised aluminum double-walled frame with holes for drainage and can, via the matching fixing brackets, be mounted securely so as to be stormproof. The hardened glass makes the panel impact-resistant and stiff. The guarantee period of the WhisperSolar panel is 20 years. Several panels can be run in parallel or in series for connection to a 12, 24 or 48 VDC battery.  

We recommend installing the WP Suntrack Pro 80 MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge regulator between the panel and the battery. This so-called MPP tracker optimises the output of the panel by continuously adapting the voltage to the changing conditions (sunlight and temperature). In addition, the WP Suntrack acts as a multi-stage battery charger with temperature compensation, that charges the batteries quickly and safely. A maximum of 6 185 Wp panels can be connected simultaneously to the WP Suntrack 80.

As well as the rigid panel, we also added the WhisperSolar Flex 100 TC and the WhisperSolar Flex 108 FC to the range of sustainable energy products. These thin, flexible panels, both manufactured in Europe, have a capacity of 104 and 108 Wp respectively. They are completely waterproof, resistant to salt water, light weight and can be walked on so that they can also be mounted on, among other things, a cabin roof of a boat. The panel is equipped with so-called bypass diodes in order to minimise any loss of yield during shading.

Yacht, camper and caravan owners can purchase or find out more information about any of the new products from the sustainable energy range by directly contacting one of  our specialised WhisperPower dealers.



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