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News from the distribution network

Stockholm headquartered KG Knutsson AB has been appointed as the new distributor for WhisperPower for the Swedish territory. KGK, as they are known, is one of the strongest distribution companies in the Nordic area, covering a wide range of technical products for marine, mobile and industrial applications. 

With KGK we connect to a strong party with a borad sales force. KGK is a powerful company with very good logistics, they have a 30.000 mtr all-automated warehouse in the middle of Sweden where they ship from. Their marketing strength is famous and they represent very strong brands scuhs as Suzuki, ZF and Webasto. Now KGK is covering Sweden, Finland and Estonia for us.

''WhisperPower has the smartest solutions for mobile power supply and the market's quietest generators'', says Johan Bengs, product manager at KGK. ''With their global collaboration with our partner Webasto, it is natural that they become part of our product portfolio. We are very proud to be able to offer WhisperPower's products.''

WhisperPower's range includes, in addition to generators, lithium batteries, power plants, inverters and solar power supply. ''Nowadays, when the large boats often function as summer cottages, it is of the utmost importance that safe and stable access to 230 V is available on board. WhisperPower has all the products required for it. But as the recent storm Alfrida in the Nordics just demonstrated, mobile solutions are also needed for industries and properties.''

KGK's presence in all automative and marine markets supplies WhisperPower with an unique distribution netwerk. ''The modern craftsman also has a great need for access to 230 V for welding work, indusction heating and other advanced work. With WhisperPower's almost complete product range in power supply, charging and storage, we will together generate great business opportunities,'' concludes Johan Bengs. 

KG Knutsson AB has been the lubricant in the Swedish marine and automotive industry since 1946. KGK is a company that believes in long-term relationships, therefore they work with strong brands and create business that benefits all parties. Their product and service range is the wides in the industry and on the KGK e-commerce site their partners find more than half a million items. In addition to Sweden, KGK is also located in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 



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