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WhisperPower sees strong growth


The unique New School power systems, introduced to local customers in the marine and mobile markets some years ago, is enjoying a strong international recognition as the one and only way to generate electrical power as a replacement of non-stop diesel generators. Heart of all systems are the heavy-duty DC to AC inverters ranging from 4-50 kVA, and the durable, energy dense ION power batteries. The integration of Solar Modules is becoming more popular as a supportive renewable power source, while the Genverter generators do their job in case of power shortage.     

The British NHS (National Health Service) has 6 medical trailers fitted with complete integrated power systems based on Whisper's ION batteries, 14 kVA inverters and the smart Genverter back-up systems. All these systems were supplied through Webasto UK which is also taking case of the support. 

Generator running time is reduced from non-stop to 2 hours/ max per day.

Webasto Germany has entered the professional mobile market by supplying WhisperPower systems based on 2-volt cells. New school systems are replacing non-stop diesel gensets as a hybrid solution for Sewage Trucks systems – Find the scheme here about the system for trucks made by companies such as Prokasro and Skladz, both from Germany.

Bcool, WhisperPower’s partner in Italy, is now also into the new way of generating power. Franchini Yachts is one of these new customers installing complete systems for their newly designed power boat, the MIA 63. 

Read more here about the project.

Webasto Iberica and the power sales team lead by Patricio Blanco, are very successful to sell complete systems – recently a complete system was supplied to an owner of a Lagoon 50 ft sailing catamaran (see to replace a conventional system suffering of water damage.  SASGA Yachts from Menorca is standardizing on WhisperPower – click here for more info.

WhisperPower Germany has managed to convince Sirius Yachts, builder of premium deck-saloon style yachts, to install WhisperPower systems as standard. Our ION Power batteries are now a fixed ingredient for these yachts. Read more about the system design here. We have convinced the yard to install a WhisperCare router package on board so the boat can be followed worldwide by the yard and the owner (on a distance). 

Picture 1: catamaran Picture 2: installation


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