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Twin-Power®: Latest Technology Development

Having recently already been upgraded, our complete range of compact Genverters - variable speed diesel generators - can now also be supplied with Twin-Power® technology. By simply connecting two units with the same power rating in parallel by means of a communication cable, connecting the Genverter’s PMG inverters with each other via the 230 V AC outputs, the nominal power capacity and the peak power capacity can be doubled. Large switch boxes and other additional system components are not required.

Traditional fixed speed generators are, in many cases, over sized because they are designed to accommodate any maximum required (peak) power of all combined AC equipment. By connecting two Genverters in parallel, in accordance with the actual power required, none, one or two Genverters are switched on. Furthermore, with the Genverter variable speed generators, the speed of the engine is then also adjusted to the required power. The unique combination of our Genverter technology together with the Twin-Power® technology offers many added advantages in comparison to large traditional 1500/1800 speed generators. These include a much higher efficiency, a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 25% as well as less wear, emissions, noise and vibration. Further resulting benefits also include lower maintenance costs and a longer service life of the engines.

Redundancy is also a very important factor to consider. In the event of a malfunction or during maintenance of one of the units, there is always a back-up.

Genverters with a power capacity of 8, 10 and 15 kVA meet Stage V emission requirements. By connecting 2 units in parallel, it is possible to assemble a system of up to 30 kVA that still meets the emission requirements. There are currently no Stage V systems of such capacity available in Europe.

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