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WhisperPower at METS 2013


METS 2013 will be host to another milestone for WhisperPower as the company celebrates its 5th anniversary by introducing a series of ready-to-install electrical systems for recreational craft from 25 ft to 90 ft.

The new product range consists of various system kits for both smaller and larger yachts and includes both generators and power solutions. Those aimed at the smaller yachts include maintenance free batteries (for service, engine starting and thruster), smart multiple output battery chargers and optional inverter and inverter/ charger combinations for 230 V 50 hz power provision. For larger system requirements, the product range includes universal 90 - 260 VAC 50/60 Hz shore power support systems and a new range of high efficient super silent generators. The new GENVERTER variable speed generators, based on Permanent Magnet alternators, are 30% smaller and lighter compared with traditional generators, while audible sound levels reach less than 46 dBA inside the yacht.

Genverter with AC and DC Powercube and system accessories.

WhisperPower systems can be combined with other suppliers to offer additional boat wide features and extended functionality. For example, in combination with Webasto, it is possible to operate the on board climate systems. Further information will be available at METS from Webasto Product France SAS showing how the electrical and climate systems can be put together.

Amongst the range of new diesel generators are the new M-SQ 27 1500 rpm and the new GENVERTER 6, 8 and 10 kW variable speed models (230 VAC/ 50 Hz). The SQ 27, which replaces the SQ 25, is designed for "mini mega yachts" and offers an improved sound shield ensuring a reduced audible noise level whilst still capable of providing 25 kW of electrical power, 10% more than the old model. The back end, which is Lloyds/ DNV/ GL certified, is AVR regulated and fitted with a booster, offering 20% more peak power. Parallel operation, which can offer fuel consumption savings, of 2 x SQ 27 units is also possible via a synchronization box.

M-SQ 27 1500 rpm generator

The new to market variable speed GENVERTER models allow the selection of the rpm to be set whilst the output of 230 V 50 Hz (whilst between 1500 - 2800 rpm) remains the same by means of an output inverter. This ensures the highest power quality with the lowest distortion and highest peak power capability. These new models follow the success of the GENVERTER 2/ 2 Cylinder DC PowerCube generator (24 VDC version) introduced at METS 2012. WhisperPower uses Kubota engines for their new GENVERTER series.

Within the range of power electronics, WhisperPower have a number of new solutions to be shown at METS. The AC PowerCube, a high class inverter, is a new high power (switched mode) sine wave inverter and one of the most powerful devices available on the market today. With a continuous output power rating of 7 kW and over 14 kW of peak power, efficiency exceeds 94% and no load is negligible. An upgrade to 14 kW continuous power, operating at 24 or 48 VDC is available. The new inverter system, in combination with the existing DC PowerCube, is a perfect solution for mini mega yachts, offering extended "silent time" without running generators. A complete system with 2 Volt cells will be displayed on the stand, with all cables and wires pre-connected.
For Sine Wave Inverter/ charger combination requirements, WhisperPower will be launching the Supreme WP Combi series - the ideal solution for small yachts with weight and space restrictions. This low weight and compact product is available in both 1 kWatt or 2 kW versions, supplied with built-in 3 stage chargers and includes a switched mode.

In addition WhisperPower have three battery product ranges to be displayed. The Supreme Charger range: smart three stage chargers fitted with three equal outputs, enabling the charge of 3 separate batteries. Four models are available (12 V DC : 20, 40 and 60 amp and 24 VDC: 30 Amp) with a temperature sensor supplied as standard. New DC DC Converters: the perfect building blocks to connect 12 VDC devices and batteries to a main 24 VDC system. The new MCC 24/12-20 amp converter, which can be used as a 24 VDC to 12 VDC battery charger, will be introduced at METS as a current limited version. Lithium ION batteries: as WhisperPower anticipates the growing demand for this technology, this product provides turn key Li Ion Li Fe PO 4 batteries: appropriate, safe technology, with Ah capacities of 200/ 400/ 700 and 1000 Ah, suitable for 12 or 24 VDC on board systems. BMS and discharge protect devices are included in the system and 5 year warranty is provided as standard.

WP-BC Supreme battery charger range

DC-DC converters

All of the products above will be displayed at METS, stand number 9.521.



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