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Ultimate freedom on your boat, camper, motorhome or in your holiday home

Especially in these difficult times with many travel restrictions, your camper or boat offers the freedom to go out and about. With the installation of the new WhisperPower system, you take the comfort of home with you, without being dependent of a mains landpower line.

WhisperPower’s new system consists of one or more powerful solar panels, available in 100 Watt as a panel to glue on roof or deck, or a 185 Watt  panel for roof top mounting on brackets. The generated power is charged into the battery via the new Suntrack Duo MPPT charge regulator. This important device is also the charger that delivers the energy generated by the vehicle's or vessel's engine alternator correctly to the on-board service battery. The Suntrack Duo is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries as well as Lithium batteries.

WhisperPower recommends installing their new  12 V 100 Ah (1.2 kW) Lithium ION POWER battery, or several of these, that act as the durable energy storage. With over 4000 charge/discharge cycles, and almost full utilization of the Ah capacity, coupled with its low weight and compactness, this is a sublime solution. 

As an option, we supply a smart energy counter, our WBM smart shunt battery monitor that indicates the energy situation in % and hours and minutes to go flawlessly. Including alarm signals and programming of the DC SWITCH to set the depth of discharge. (option)

The system is completed by installing the WhisperPower Supreme Combi sine wave inverter/battery charger of 12 V 2000 Watt or 12 V /3000 Watt.

Learn more about the WhisperPower Lithium Batteries. Read here

With the introduction of the Ion Power Basic, a safe Lithium Ion battery based on Lithium, Iron and Phosphate cells (LiFePO4), a new era has dawned. The Ion Power Basic is a perfectly durable alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery.

Partly thanks to the automotive industry and the developments in the field of electric driving, the battery industry has taken off. Especially the Lithium Ion technology has been further developed.

The major advantages of the Lithium Ion battery are its long service life and the lack of a memory effect. Until now the Lithium Ion battery, which in most cases has a chemical composition of Lithium-Cobalt oxide, has not been used for heavier applications due to its sensitivity to overheating and self-ignition.  

At the end of the nineties a new, safer Lithium chemistry based on Lithium, Iron and Phosphate (LiFePO4) was developed which has now, 20 years later, been optimized to such an extent that the Lithium Ion battery has become a very interesting replacement for the lead-acid battery. The higher initial investment is more than compensated by the many advantages of the Lithium Ion battery compared to the lead-acid battery. For example, the service life is 3 x longer, the battery is 50% lighter and more compact, 100% of the battery capacity can be used instead of 30 to 50%, capacity loss in cold environments is minimal, the battery is easy to place in any position and space and the integrated Battery Management System (BMS) allows extremely fast and efficient charging. In addition, the output voltage is constant and stable and the peak capacity is high even when the battery is partially or almost completely discharged (flat charge-discharge curve). Other features are that the battery is maintenance free and does not need to be connected to a (trickle) charger continuously when the battery is temporarily not in use. 



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