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WhisperPower receives large order from the UK's National Health Service

WhisperPower receives large order from the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to equip mobile medical scanners with efficient and vibration-free power products.

WhisperPower, the Netherlands-based leader in off-grid power products, is delighted to announce it has recently received a major contract to supply eco-friendly power systems for the UK's NHS. 

The order has come from Lynton Trailers based in Hadfield, Glossop, UK, a major provider of mobile medical units for both the public and private health care sector. Each trailer will be equipped with an integrated system using solar panels, inverters and a bank of lithium batteries, all backed up with a quiet-running and low emissions WhisperPower generator.


Over the next few months, no less than 26 trailers will be built, all of them destined for mobile breast cancer research. Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early, when they are usually too small to present for sight or touch. Because the scanners use specialist x-rays known as mammograms, the supply of electricity has to be of the highest quality, spike-free and totally stable. There also has to be minimum transmitted movement from a generator through the chassis which can blur the image.

The clean energy used is supplied by a WhisperPower Super Inverter which is connected to the Lithium ION battery bank with enough reserve to supply the truck for the whole day. To supplement supplies for extended operation in remote areas, each trailer is fitted with 10 large solar panels of 310Watts (peak) each, generating a total of 3kW (peak) of emission-free power. For periods of limited solar radiation, an ultra-quiet and compact WhisperPower DC generator is installed for back-up power and to fast charge the batteries during rest periods.


To ensure everything operates as it should, especially when operating in very remote areas a long way from any mains power, all onboard systems are equipped with WhisperCare. This is a modern cloud-based remote access interface enabling close monitoring and control by the fleet managers and equipment suppliers for problem-free operation.

Heading up the new contract for WhisperPower UK is Technical Director Chris Autey, a highly experienced electrical engineer with a long track record in power electronics. Chris has worked on many specialised WhisperPower installations during his career although regards the mammogram trailers as his flagship project.

"The original trailers went all over Scotland to allow women to get potentially life-saving mammograms," he said. "However, these trailers were previously powered by a heavy and noisy generator that ran all day and whose vibrations would sometimes interfere with the accuracy of the scans. The NHS asked us for a solution, and we provided a trial unit with a 14kW WhisperPower generator and lithium battery/inverter system. When parked in an off-grid location the new trailers run all their equipment from the inverter. The batteries would recharge quickly and quietly from the generator during the lunch break, and again overnight if required. The project was a huge success, and by eliminating vibration artifacts from the scans, prevented women from having the trauma of a return visit. The highly efficient system has so far also saved the NHS over £100,000 in generator fuel. We are now receiving strong enquiries from the rest of the UK's regional NHS for similarly-equipped scanner trucks."

The electrical systems are produced in WhisperPower's ultra-modern premises in Drachten, in The Netherlands, and will be delivered from November 2020 to April 2021. Service and support will come from WhisperPower UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary.



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