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Covid-19 boosts record sales of campervans for off-grid staycations

The lockdown restrictions across the globe have led to a massive spike in the sale of new and used camper vans or recreational vehicles (RVs) with the US reporting total sales in June 2020 up 90% on the same time last year.

Dealers have also reported new stock being sold just a few hours after it has been delivered to the showroom as people give up on foreign holidays and invest for the long term with a new campervan. Many buyers say they expect the pandemic to last well into next year, so have made the purchase which can average £40,000-50,000. One van maker who sells custom versions from between US$100,000 – US$300,000 says that demand has doubled since lockdown started.

These purchases are made with a view to using the van all year round to safely isolate their family bubble whilst 'staycationing.' 

The design of modern vehicles and access to compact AC/DC power equipment as supplied by WhisperPower means many can support extended periods of comfortable off-grid living. This is particularly useful when campsites are closed and public amenities are not available or deemed too risky to use.  Large water tanks, rooftop solar arrays and deep-cycle lithium-phosphate battery capacity provide most of the comforts of home. Some fitouts, known as 'glampervans' are designed to represent the inside of a luxury yacht or private jet.

The Covid-assisted spike in sales has followed a general trend set by ‘Millennials’ since 2010 who have discovered the freedom of the road to avoid extortionately high rents in major cities. Able to work from the van via a good internet connection and with stable mains power via battery-supplied inverters, thousands of young people are making their living from social media whilst travelling widely in a converted van.



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