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WhisperPower means a happy campervanner

The huge interest in off-grid campervanning has led to many practical owner fitouts and key to success is a dependable power system. A testimonial from Wim Van Eden, who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has shown just what is possible with a relatively straightforward WhisperPower installation.

"I put my own campervan together and use it to travel all over Europe," Wim explains. "I wanted to be completely independent of the power grid to give me greater freedom as to where I stop, so on the roof I have installed a 310Watt solar panel. This panel feeds into a pair of 12V lithium-ion 100Ah batteries. However, at locations where I can hook into the grid, I use a WhisperPower Supreme 12V 40amp car battery charger. I also have a 'smart' connection between the starter battery and the 200Ah li-ion batteries via the Suntrack Duo 12V 50A smart charger."

The Suntrack Duo is a multi-input battery charger that is ideal for this application, as it can work with different chemistries of battery simultaneously – the lead acid of the engine battery and the li-ion of the domestic bank.

Wim uses a 12/3000W sine wave inverter to power all his domestic AC appliances, allowing him to heavy-draw AC equipment directly via the batteries. Keeping an eye on everything is the WhisperPower smart battery monitor with a WBM modular smart shunt. This neat display module is linked to the campervan's high current busbars and fuse holders and provides a number of additional features to maximise the efficiency of the entire electrical installation.

"The WhisperPower system is really great," Wim enthuses. "I am independent of the grid but can still use all my 230V appliances, including my espresso coffeemaker, electric induction hob and kettle. When I am driving, I can charge up to 50 amps into the service bank and have never had flat batteries. I recommend this system to everybody."



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