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WhisperPower & the E-vehicle market


Governments around the world have initiated policies and programmes to promote the adoption of Electrical Vehicles (EV’s). Business models and commercial incentives are emerging to make EV ownership a more attractive proposition.

The Netherlands is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to EV’s and Hybrid vehicles. The Plug-in hybrid car is selling the best, as an in-between EV and Hybrid concept.WhisperPower is involved in this field as well. We are now preparing a ‘mobile power station’ to charge EV’s for a prestigeous German customer.

Together with Yntema Bodyworks in Heerenveen we re-build a VW Transporter into a mobile power station, capable to charge 2 electrical vehicles during test and evaluation trials. We have integrated a 25kVA low rpm generator, with cooling and exhaust system, in the van. This system is powering some EV three phase battery chargers. We integrated Webasto airconditiopning, AC and DC power distribution and LED lights. This is already the third WhisperPower system for this company. A W-SC3 and a 3,5kW Beltdrive system have been installed in measurement vehicles for the prototype testing fleet early 2013.
Main features of the 25kVA system:
• Low weight
• Extreme temperature range from 50°C until -30°C 
• Low emission
• Unconspicuous design
• Special requirements on safety issues to protect the drivers and equipment at a speed up to 170 km/h, including connection to vehicles CAN bus for shutdown on airbag signal
• Cooled by a top-cooler which has been installed flat with the roof to avoid extra height to enter underground parking and other public places
• All airinlets are especially protected against intrusion of insects, dust and other negative influences


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