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WhisperPower main supplier Hartmann Spezialkarosserien GmbH

HARTMANN Spezialkarosserien GmbH from Alsfeld is a specialist for development and construction of special bodies and completions for different applications on nearly all known chassis individually according to customer’s requirements in Germany and worldwide. For more than two years now we’re main supplier for all kinds of gensets and power electronics. Most applications, e.g. mobile banks, sewer cleaning vehicles and Offroad motorhomes require special versions. For all this we developed a wide range of All-In-One generators sets for easy installation under the vehicles body. These come in a high quality stainless-steel sound-shield - optimized in terms of noise reduction and minimization in size, weight and installation time. Most popular unit is the W-GV4 Basic, with 3.4kW max. output a generator with perfect price/performance ratio for many, many applications. With it’s overall height of only 500 mm it’s easily installable on frames of trucks like for example the Mercedes Atego. Latest project has been a W-SQ16 build inside a compact stainless-steel soundshield. It will be used for high power demands on a sewer cleaning vehicle. What all these systems have in common is that all parts are easily accessible for maintenance and service if needed. On top of all that our WPC Combis and batteries are used for silent-times and small consumer like printers, computers and cash-terminals.



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