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Power for traveling horses

There are no accurate figures for the number of horses and ponies present in Europe. In the UK, to give an idea, it has been estimated between 6,000 and 1.2 Mio horses and ponies. Without doubt, the Equine world is big with many donkeys practising their sport.

Moving horses to horse shows, riding schools, concours hippique and hospitals is a serious business. Horse trucks are the most convenient way for horses to travel: vehicles with accommodation for horses and a separate living for horse owners and crew.

Roelofsen Raalte is one of the top builders, building a wide variety of horse trucks, from small to large. From their factory in the Middle East of the Netherlands they serve their broad customer base in Europe. The larger horse trucks provide the highest standards of comfort for horses and human. Equipped with heating, fridges, hob, microwave, extended entertainment and all sorts of tools, these trucks provide all the comfort from home. WhisperPower is a prominent player in this market, offering a wide variety of lowto- high power systems. Our exclusive for Roelofsen development all-in-one HYBRID power systems is the latest milestone of WhisperPower’s engineering team; one stainless steel box, contains all parts required for the power supply of the vehicle.

• Silent Power inverter 3.5kW
• Combined diesel/ inverter power 7kW
• Diesel-only power 3.6kVA
• Land-to-vehicle battery charger 90 Amps (2 outputs)
• Battery capacity 200Ah/24V
• AC and DC distribution included in the system

• Easy installation, no cable work needed to parts in the truck apart from the DC distribution groups. • Can be mounted on the chassis with just four bolds and ready.
• All-in-one supply from one supplier. Cooling and exhaust included.
• Silent inside and outside.
• Full automatic operation, inverter always ‘on’, priority.
• Whisper Diesel Generator starts automatic at low-battery.
• After land power plug-in, automatic battery charging will follow.



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