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Solar charger for fork lift trucks


Celectric, a leading distribution company in the Netherlands of batteries, has designed, in close cooperation with WhisperPower and Eleggtricks, a Dutch electrical systems design company, an unique CHARGE STATION FOR FORK LIFT TRUCK BATTERIES.

The system is converting the generated SUNPOWER into the right multi-step charge power for charging 48 VDC and 72 VDC traction batteries. The total system power is 10 kW, solar array voltage 150 VDC to 48 V/ 72 VDC nominal, without conversion steps to AC power and back to DC. As a result, the system has a very high yield of over 95% and hardly any power loss.

Final customer is Toyota Material Handling located in Ede, the Netherands. The WhisperPowerCentre is converting 48 VDC to 230 V AC to operate one small AC to DC charger.

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