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WhisperPower GmbH is launched

As of April 1st 2015, WhisperPower GmbH has been established as a subsidiary of the Dutch manufacturer WhisperPower B.V.. Based in Schleswig, WhisperPower GmbH will operate within the maritime, mobile and off-grid market sectors. The company is headed up by Ralf Tapken and Roel ter Heide who will be working alongside a third partner Ansgar Hinrichs.

Responsible for WhisperPower GmbH’s Sales Management and having worked for WhisperPower BV since 2011, Ansgar Hinrichs brings with him substantial experience and knowledge of the Company’s range of products and systems.

As a supplier of grid-independent power solutions, WhisperPower’s diesel generators combine the latest technology, optimal comfort and proven reliability. Their systems are used and are suitable for all circumstances that are dependent on power supply and yet that are (temporarily) without normal/grid electric power.

WhisperPower has a dealer and service network in more than 50 countries, ensuring all customers are always provided with complete and local service, no matter where they are in the world.

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