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Growing order book for WhisperPower

More and more yards choose WhisperPower as their preferred supplier.

Power systems for Wajer & Wajer
WhisperPower BV has signed a 3 year contract with Dutch boat builder Wajer & Wajer to supply electrical power systems for all of their yachts. The order includes the supply of a “New School” hybrid style generator system for the new Osprey 55 due to be launched soon. The system comprises of a 7 kVA AC PowerCube inverter for the operation of the air-conditioning and other various comfort appliances as well as a shore-to-ship charging system in the form of a DC PowerCube. This DC PowerCube is connected to the silent Genverter 2 cylinder diesel generator which is installed as a back up in case the 480 Ah/ 24 VDC WhisperPower Lithium ION PowerPlus batteries need to be recharged. The system also includes an attractive and functional TOUCH screen panel, developed in close cooperation with Yacht Control, providing full AC and DC system control, digital switching and monitoring features for items such as the tank gauge etc. In addition, it is also possible to monitor the system remotely.

Established in 1992 in Heeg (NL), Wajer & Wajer Yachts is renowned for its forward-thinking approach. The yard has made history with its four unique models - the Captain’s Launch and the Wajer 38, 37 and 34 – each characterised by elegant design, impeccable sailing performance and excellent durability. All of their boats share the premium quality that customers expect from Dutch design and production.

WhisperPower to power Elling
WhisperPower has been selected by Neptune Marine Shipbuilding as the supplier for the entire electrical power system on board of the Elling E6, which at 65 ft this exciting new model is the largest in the E-series. The yard has opted for a system with a 14 kVA AC PowerCube sine wave inverter which will operate as the non-stop silent “generator”. This will be connected to a light weight WhisperPower Lithium ION battery storage bank of 640 Ah/ 24 VDC and a 3 cylinder GENVERTER with a DC charge system consisting of 2 DC PowerCubes (8.6 kW power). The system allows for global shore power plug-in regardless of voltage or frequency.

With the E-series, Neptune Marine Shipbuilding continues to reach new levels of safety and luxury in contemporary yacht design. The yachts are built from Twaron and have the CE Category A (Ocean) standard meaning they are as robust and sturdy as a lifeboat. E-series yachts can also be delivered with an auxiliary engine for extra comfort and peace of mind.

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