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WhisperPower now also active in the commercial shipping and off-shore sector

For WhisperPower, the SMM trade show will be the launchpad for the promotion of a wide range of industrial battery chargers, inverters and inverter / charger combinations for the professional and international commercial shipping industry.

WhisperPower, established 8 years ago by the former founder of Mastervolt (and before that Victron Energy) has developed an exciting range of products for this sector. There is a wide choice of hybrid propulsion systems from 5 kW to 500 kW, robust industrial inverters for the conversion of DC power to AC, industrial battery chargers and compact generators. For smaller vessels WhisperPower supplies the AC Power Cube range; powerful sine wave inverters available in 4, 7 or 14 kVA for single- or three-phase output voltage. As a result, it is now possible to feed larger loads from a battery-buffer so that the generator can be switched off for longer periods of time. With the quick charging DC PowerCube battery chargers, the battery can be charged up again quickly through the large on-board generator or by WhisperPower’s specially developed efficient and silent Genverter generators.

With the Supreme Pro, which will be gradually introduced over the next 12 months, WhisperPower will be bringing a new range of industrial battery chargers to market. The battery chargers comply with all safety requirements as stipulated in the commercial shipping industry and can be supplied under certification. The 24 Volt / 40 Amp and 24 Volt / 60 Amp versions will be the first to be introduced making their debut during the various commercial marine exhibitions including SMM 2016 (Hall A5 Stand 606).

Alongside the power electronics, WhisperPower also supplies compact, silent diesel generators from 4 kVA to 54 kVA with fixed or variable speed, depending on the model. All models can be supplied certified (CCRII, GL, DNV).  

WhisperPower BV is a leading Dutch specialist in autonomous energy systems. The company, with offices in several countries throughout Europe and beyond, has already been a supplier of smart generator systems to leading companies such Fassmer, Damen Shipyards, Van Oord Dredging, NAM / Shell, Rijkswaterstaat and other government departments for several years. The WhisperPower products and systems are developed in-house and are for the most part, are produced in Drachten, Friesland, the Netherlands.

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