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WhisperPower introduces the next generation of onboard diesel generators

Following the introduction of the new WhisperPower 8 and 10 kVA Genverter models earlier this year, the company is now set to launch a premium 15 kVA completely water-cooled compact-generator. This latest addition to WhisperPower’s next generation of onboard diesel generators comes complete with inverter and an advanced touch screen remote panel as well as the option to be supplied with all installation accessories such as a ABYC compliant Water/Gas separator, Water Lock, water inlets and hoses.

WhisperPower’s Genverter combines a silent, water-cooled A-brand diesel engine, a high efficiency permanent magnet alternator and a robust inverter in one single system which provides the perfect sine wave to all on-board AC appliances. Should silent time be needed on board with the generator shut off and AC power being provided by the battery, it is possible to link this system to a 4, 7 or 14 kVA inverter.

The main difference between traditional generators and Genverters is variable speed. Unlike the “old school” fixed rpm generators, the Genverter can be adjusted to any speed between 2200 – 2800 rpm, whilst the output voltage and frequency from the PMG inverter will remain perfectly stable. As a result, the diesel engine can be set to the optimal running speed to operate as efficiently as possible at the right temperature. The engine can be regulated to match the electrical load that is drawn from the Genverter resulting in a reduced fuel consumption. Additional efficiency derives from the permanent magnet alternator used which is 20% more efficient than traditional fixed speed alternators. Further advantages include:
• The compact, flywheel integrated PM alternator is connected to the water-cooling circuit of the diesel engine providing fresh or seawater cooling (indirect) of the unit. It is therefore not necessary to provide back-end air-cooling.
• The Genverter M-GV15 is 170 kg lighter than traditional 1500/1800 rpm products and on average, measures 20-30 cm shorter in size.
• The quality of the output voltage and frequency is significantly better than that generated by conventional generators. This is important for sensitive AC appliances.
• The system settings can be changed from 230 VAC to 120 VAC and from 50 to 60 Hz, without having to touch the engine.
• The PMG inverter delivers huge peak powers and has a soft starter effect inside to start up inductive loads smoothly.
• The PMG box has a WhisperConnect CAN gateway for connection to third party systems such as NMEA 2000. The inverter box is supplied as a separate device and can be stored in a “dry” area, outside the engine room.

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