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WhisperPower to launch the Genverter Scalino

During the course of the upcoming trade shows for the mobile industry, including the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham next week (Webasto stand number 5D 10), WhisperPower will be launching the Genverter Scalino generator. This new model has been brought to market following the highly successful introduction of the Genverter Piccolo for maritime applications.

Just like WhisperPower’s larger Genverter variable speed generators, the Scalino does not have a fixed speed alternator on the flywheel. Instead, there is a permanent magnet alternator, specially developed by WhisperPower, mounted directly behind the generator’s engine. This makes the Scalino the smallest sized generator in its power capacity class.

The Genverter consists of two parts: an engine part with the permanent magnet alternator, as mentioned above, to generate power and an electronic control cabinet, the PMG module. ‘Raw’ energy generated by the permanent magnet alternator is then stabilised to pure sine wave voltage via this cabinet. The Scalino is a fully enclosed, liquid cooled system. It features a small compact radiator for cooling, keeping the system at the right temperature. Its customised shock mounts in combination with the sound enclosure result in the Scalino being super silent and virtually vibration free.

The Scalino is fitted, as standard, with an aluminium painted sound enclosure but can also be supplied with a stainless steel enclosure for mounting under or outside of a vehicle.

Download image Scalino System

Download image Scalino

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