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WhisperPower looks back on a successful METS

During this year’s METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) the WhisperPower stand attracted remarkable attention. No less than half of the 84 m2 stand was strikingly styled and equipped for the introduction of the All-In-One PowerStation. With ‘SIMPLIFYING COMPLEXITY’ as the main theme, a global marketing campaign for the WhisperPower PowerStation was launched.

‘We are very pleased with the number and quality of visitors. Over the recent years, we have seen a shift in attendees from dealers and regional firms to international distributors, wholesalers and yards. The latter group, the vast majority of whom are existing contacts and business relations, continue to follow WhisperPower’s product developments closely and therefore visited the stand to keep up to date with and find out more about the latest innovations. The reactions received were very positive giving us the confirmation that we are indeed on the right track.’ Comments Roel ter Heide, owner and director of WhisperPower. ‘When developing our products, we constantly question and address how we can make it easier for the end user, the yard and the installer. It is for this reason that we opted for the theme ‘SIMPLIFYING COMPLEXITY’ and the introduction of our new slogan "generating confidence”.’ Roel adds.

WhisperPower’s product range, the majority of which was also on display at METS, has been considerably extended over the last year. With such a broad range of options to choose from, customers can come to WhisperPower for a complete plug-and-play electrical system as well as for all individual components. Across the range collection of the products,

There was particularly great interest in the All-in-One Power Station and the Piccolo 4 kW generator.

All-in-One PowerStation

With the PowerStation, WhisperPower meets the previously unfulfilled market demand for a complete, easy to install and operate energy system. The All-in-One PowerStation includes a compact and quiet hybrid speed adjustable diesel generator, equipped with a high-efficiency permanent magnet alternator. The diesel generator works together with the sine wave inverter, the battery charger or Combi connected to the long-life onboard batteries. Start and bow thruster batteries are also charged via the PowerStation. Vital components such as DC switches, fuses and voltage guards are integrated in to the system. With a universal connector, All-in-One PowerStations, which are available from 2 to 32 kW, can be plugged in to any country’s power connection worldwide (90-260VAC, 50 or 60Hz). An elegant touch screen panel completes the system and there is also the option of operating and monitoring the PowerStation via the navigation screen (Raymarine).

Piccolo 4 kW generator

The Piccolo is a very attractively priced generator of which the rotational speed can be set according to the power demands. Measurements have revealed that the Piccolo is the quietest, cleanest and vibration-free generator in its power class on the market. By placing WhisperPower’s specially designed permanent magnet dynamo directly behind the engine instead of a fixed rpm dynamo on the flywheel, WhisperPower’s variable speed generators, also known as Genverters, are smaller and more compact than the traditional generators. Piccolo can easily be integrated into a complete system and thanks to its compact size, can be easily installed in a small space .

"We have opted for WhisperPower installations because their systems are robust and reliable - exactly what we need for our Osprey which are all supplied with an onboard service contract. When it comes to WhisperPower in terms of products, systems and service, we just know that we don’t need to worry at all. They provide smooth, continuous and hassle-free operation." Dorus Wajer of Wajer & Wajer.



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