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Technical Tips

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Every 2 weeks, Bart will provide you with some fresh tips and tricks to highlight power system specifics.

Tip 1#

Why are batteries broken after the winter?

Are you ready to use the boat or motorhome again after winter? Or is it still on shore or in storage or is the boat still in the water?

Then the batteries in your vehicle or boat need extra attention. To ensure that the batteries can now be used again, proper maintenance of the battery is essential.

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Tip 2#

A separate charger and inverter or a Combi device: what do you choose?

In the old days, when the range of available battery chargers and inverters was limited, it wasn't so complicated to make a choice: if you had sufficient budget, you'd buy a charger and later an inverter. Nowadays that's different: battery charger and inverter combinations have become attractive price wise and the quality is in general good. In the WhisperPower catalogue (the Marine or Mobile PowerBook) and on this website, you will find different types of combi’s but also individual chargers and inverters. When to choose what? We help you out.

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