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DC PowerCube 48 V - 80 A

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Article Number
60202003DC PowerCube 48 V - 80 A - 80 A main output, 12 V - 20 A slave
General specifications
Nominal battery voltage 48 VDC
Output current 0-100 A (short circuit protected)
Output voltage 43.0 - 57.0 VDC
Recommended battery capacity 200 to 1000 Ah
Charge characteristic 3-step charge characteristic
Slave charger 12 V - 20 A (3-step charge characteristic) short circuit protected
Input specifications
Grid input voltage range 90 - 264 VAC (45 - 65 Hz), 3 wire connection
Grid input current Adjustable, from 2 A to 16 A
Power factor (cos phi) > 0.9
PM generator input range 80-300 VAC (30 - 500 Hz), 3 wire connection
PM input current Adjustable, from 2 A to 14.5 A
Power factor (cos phi) > 0.85
Power Factor Correction (PFC) EN 61000-3-2
Technical specifications
Temperature compensation -60 mV/°C
Supported battery types Open and sealed lead acid: GEL / Traction / AGM / Spiral and Lithium-ion
Battery leakage current <5 mA per battery
Charge voltages Bulk, Absorption, Float
Charge voltage AGM / GEL at 25°C 57.60 VDC, 57.00 VDC, 54.40 VDC
Charge voltage Traction at 25°C 58.40 VDC, 57.80 VDC, 53.00 VDC
Charge voltage Open lead acid at 25°C 57.00 VDC, 57.00 VDC, 53.00 VDC
Charge voltage Lithium-Ion at 25°C 57.60 VDC, 57.20 VDC, 56.00 VDC
Return current from absorption to float 6% of Imax
Power Cube charging status on/off Digital output (relay, two-way contact)
Failure condition present Digital output (relay, two-way contact)
DC PowerCube disabled Digital input (potential free input, closed is disabled)
PM input disabled Digital input (potential free input, closed is disabled)
Conformity Directive EMC 2004/108/EC : EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 55014, EN 55022,
Over heating protection Yes, derating above 40°C, shutdown at high temperatures. (with automatic restart after cooling down)
Overvoltage protection 68 VDC +/- 0.5 VDC
Ingress Protection index IP21
Mechanical specifications
Main battery connection 2 x M10 studs
Slave battery connection 1 x M5 stud
Earth grounding lug 1 x M6 stud
AC grid input 3 x M3 screw terminal block
PM grid input 3 x M3 screw terminal block
Remote control panel RJ12
Battery temperature sensor RJ12
Whisper Connect CANbus RJ45
Voltage sense Phoenix MSTB 2.5/2-ST-5.08
Digital outputs 6 x fastons (6.3x0.8)
Digital inputs 4 x fastons (6.3x0.8)
Dimensions l x w x h [mm] 575 x 221 x 316 mm
Operating temperature range -20 - 55°C (derating above 40°C)
Relative humidity in operation Up to 95% without condensation
Ventilation Combined cooling (convection and forced (variable speed))
Weight 26 Kg
Acoustic level <52 dB
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Battery temperature sensor and remote control panel
WP-DC-PowerCube 48/80
WP-DC-PowerCube 48/80 in serial DC PowerCube system example DC PowerCube Connection Remote Panel
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Datasheet DC PowerCube
(1.985 kB, pdf)
Datasheet DC Powercube
(2.114 kB, pdf)
Datasheet DC PowerCube DE
(1.405 kB, pdf)
Datasheet DC-PowerCube DE
(881 kB, pdf)
Datasheet DC PowerCube ES
(2.397 kB, pdf)


DC PowerCube Series User Manual
(4.763 kB, pdf)
DC PowerCube Benutzerhandbuch
(2.963 kB, pdf)


DC PowerCube System Example
(2.330 kB, pdf)



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