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WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-40A

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Article Number
60205440WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-40A
General specifications
Nominal input voltage 120/230V (90-265V)
Nominal input frequency 50/60Hz (45-65Hz)
Nominal output voltage 24V
Total charge current 40A @ 28.8V
Number of battery outlets 3
Charge current second output 6A, ±1A
Charge current third output 6A, ±1A
Charge characteristic IUoUo, automatic / 3-step for GEL/AGM/wet/lead acid batteries
Charge voltage Bulk (25˚C) 28.8V
Charge voltage Absorption (25˚C) 28.5V
Charge voltage Float (25˚C) 26.5V
Max. Absobtion time 4 hour
Max. Bulk time (start @ 13.25/26.5V) 8 hour
Min. Absorption time 15 min.
Enclosure type & dimensions (hxwxd in mm) 444,5 x 210 x 141
Enclosure type & dimensions (hxwxd in inch) 17,5 x 8,2 x 5,7
Weight 12 kg /26.5 lbs
Battery capacity (recommendation) 100-500Ah
Technical specifications
Power factor (cos phi) >_ 0.98
Full load consumption (230VAC) 1400VA
Temperature compensation battery temperature sensor with 6 meter cable included
Voltage compensation yes, automatic
DC consumption with connected battery < 5mA
Display unit has a display for charge/voltage and charge indication
Temperature range 25 to +60˚C / 77 to 140˚F, above 45˚C derating
Cooling vario fan and natural cooling to ensure optimized cooling
Sound level < 52dBA @ 1 m
Protection degree IP23
Approvals fully CE and E-marking according to automotive directive 95/54/EG - ABYC
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WP- BC Supreme Pro Brochure
(2.584 kB, pdf)
WP-BC Supreme Pro Panfleto
(3.017 kB, pdf)


WP- BC Supreme Pro Datasheet
(2.413 kB, pdf)
WP- BC Supreme Pro Datasheet
(1.033 kB, pdf)


WP-BC Supreme Pro User Manual
(5.432 kB, pdf)


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