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MCC 24/12-20

DC/DC Converters

Article Number
60110015MCC 24/12-20 Multi Purpose Adjustable Charge Converter
Converter type step down and voltage stabilizing, 3-step 12V battery charger light dimmer function
Nominal input voltage 24 VDC
Input range, three step charge mode 24..32VDC
Input range, full output specifications 18..35VDC
Input range, no defects 0..35VDC
Lower input setpoint, adjustabel by software 20.0VDC
Delay lower inputsetpoint, adjustable by software 30 sec.
Nominal output voltage 13.6VDC
Voltage adjustment 12..15VDC
Charge voltage 3 step 14.40/13.80VDC
Absorbtion time 4 hr
Battery tempsensor yes, 50mv/cell/c
Output voltage dimmer 4.0..13.0VDC
Output accuracy 2%
Output voltage ripple, peakpeak 1%
Maximum output power 300W (peak power)
Continue output power 270W
Maximum output current 20A
Continue output current at 40 C 20A
Efficiency >90%
No load consumption <30mA
Ambient operating temperature -10ºC .. +40ºC, de-rating to +60ºC
Storage temperature -25ºC .. +85ºC
Operating humidity 95% max, non-condensing
Galvanic insulation Common negative
Cooling concept Forced ventilation
Overcurrent / short circuit Limited by current sensing
Over heat, shutdown Limited power by temperature sensor
Dimmer fuction yes, activated by dipswitch
Remote switch connection yes, faston connection
Communication WhisperConnect, prepared
Connections input/output, Faston max wire 6mm2
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD) 66x191x123
Weight 955 gr
Protection class IP20
Enclosure Material Alu, PA6 covers
Enclosure Colour RAL 9006 AND 9011


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