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M-GV 50 Genverter

Generator Systems (high power)

Article Number
41006005M-GV 50 Genverter MARINE
Nominal Power 33 - 50 kw (1500 - 3000 rpm)
Rated output voltage up to 750 VDC
Technology variable speed, light weight high speed diesel generator with water cooled compact 3-phase permanet magnet flywheel integrated alternator
RPM window 1250-2400 RPM
Sound level 58 dBA at 1500 RPM at 7 mrts
Engine model MO144M38
Engine tehcnology 4-stroke, turbo charged, intercooled,direct-injection, fresh water cooling, mono block, high speed combustion diesel engine
Outpput at Crankshaft 106 kW (144 HP) at 3800 rpm
Number of cylinders 4 in line
Injection system two stage unit injectors,mechanically driven but electronically controlled with injection pressures up to 2000 bar
Displacement 3200 cm³ (195 cid)
Bore 85 mm (3.35’)
Stroke 94 mm (3.7’)
Compression ratio 17,0
Max. torque 255 Nm at 2500 RPM
Fuel consumption 220 G/kWh
Exhaust emissions EPA Tier II, RCD/2003/44
Sea water inlet & outlet Ø 25 mm (1”), 89 mm (31/2”)
Electrical system 12 VDC system plug in solution;14 V / 80 A Alternator; 2 pole installation as standard;engine diagnostic as standard
Model PM Synchronous Permanent Magnet, Maintenance free, water cooled alternator
Rated power 50 kW at 3000 RPM
Rated output Voltage max 750 VDC
Number of phase and freqency 3 up to 400 Hz
efficiency > 92 %
DC/DC converter Up to 200 kVA modulair swich mode bi-directional DC/DC converter for highvoltage battery
DC/AC inverter Up to 200 kVA modulair swich mode bi-directional DC/AC inverter for hotel load
Control centre Power management control centre HY-Control,
Lithium ION battery-pack Up to 80 kWh of high


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